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Windshield fluid

When your wipers make noise or not clean evenly Crystal has come the time to change the windshield wiper fluid. A very simple operation is, so it is not necessary that you take it to the mechanic. Simply, you must use a funnel to easily introduce the liquid in the tank and the product itself. Pair help you in this task, in we explain step by step how to change the windshield wiper fluid.


  1. The first recommendation to change the windshield wiper fluid is that you do it with the engine cold, to avoid scalding yourself by touching parts of the compartment that are very hot.
  2. It is very easy to find what is the reservoir of the windscreen, which is located inside the engine compartment, usually on one side. It tends to be white and stopper, normally carries a symbol that simulates a wiper. Anyway, if you prefer to go to the secure, check the manual of your vehicle.
  3. Now, to change the windshield wiper fluid, you will need to uncap and, in its place, put a funnel to make easier the task of introducing the new product, we recommend that you buy in a shop to ensure quality.
  4. If there is still some of wiper liquid in the tank, don't worry it is not impaired and there will be no problem to mix with the new product that you are going to enter. You don't forgetfulness you and controls that the liquid does not exceed the deposit and exit out. Not passes nothing if no one gets to fill the tank, the only drawback is that you will have to fill it again sooner.
  5. When you have finished changing the wiper fluid, remove the funnel, well positioned the plug and close bonnet properly. Then, you turn on the car and check that windshield wipers have liquid and removed properly dirt. It is very important that the windshield is clean because otherwise you subtract you much visibility, up to 20%, especially if it hits you the Sun's front.