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Car cleaning

We bring you a few tricks to clean the inside of your car and that it is immaculate. Yes a lot lazy exterior wipe it, imagine the interior. But it is also important to keep it decent, as they say, it's the living in a car. Nothing better than riding in the car and find it as a whistle.

Mats and carpets

Well for starters, open all the doors of the car and take and throw rugs. If they were rubber, you only have to shake them and hit them with the gun to pressure. If you leave them in the Sun, will dry much more quickly. If the pad were of fabric, the best thing to do is to move a brush, so that dirt more embedded is released and then pass the vacuum cleaner. Such a process is it to follow that with the carpeted floor of the cockpit and the luggage compartment.

Dashboard and Interior

With a cloth, it passes all the dashboard of the car, including watches space and the center console. There are cars that have a few designs of dashboards more simple than others, and probably with the cloth does not reach all corners. To that you can use a brush, as well as to clean diffusers. With the fly into any corner or complicated corner.

You can use specific products to clean the dashboard of the vehicle, but first of all, you have to read the instructions and in addition, the manual of the vehicle. Certain products are not compatible with certain types of materials of the dashboards or interior (door panels...).

Moons and windows although not smoking in the car, the transpiration of plastics also fouls crystals. It is important to have the crystal clean both inside and out, because but could cause reflections that we blind when he gives us the Sun's front. To clean them, we can do it with specific products, or a glass cleaner such as we have at home. Not much is needed. This applies to the windscreen, the side windows and the rear window.


We already almost finished, only now give the seats with a brush. The function is the same as for carpets, for release dirt and passing the vacuum cleaner should be clean. If you have animals, you can pass before anything a roller as the garment to remove hairs. You can use any product for upholstery, but before using them you have to read the instructions. They may leave a stain.

In the event that the seats are leather, because first we pass the vacuum cleaner, and then a damp Microfiber cloth and dry quickly with a dry cloth. Now, we must acquire a leather cleaner and apply it with a soft cloth with soft circular movements. Once we have missed it, apply conditioner and leave 10 minutes to act. Products that are chosen, must be good, do not damage or alter the color of the seats. We will make this process every 6 months approximately.

It must be said, that leaves r interior in perfect condition, theirs would be, removing virtually everything inside, but this is not good. Both remove and put the pieces, screws just passing, in addition that it takes quite some time.

We hope you find it useful. A car cleaning is not done in 10 minutes, should take a little time but really is worth. Not only to make the car look good, but to make it last longer in perfect condition.