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Removes ice

Leaving home to find the car and find the windshield covered with ice is a typical picture of the winter in cold areas. Before starting the trip, either a short or long ride, it will be necessary for take this ice layer that covers our glass and makes it impossible to see through. There are several actions that you can perform, as well as there are some common mistakes that are committed to this task. In this unComo article, you will learn how to remove the ice from the windscreen.


  1. Already says it the saying "prevention is better than cure", so the first thing you should do is avoid low temperatures, especially at night, to freeze the windshield of your car. To do this, it is recommended to keep the vehicle in a garage or covered; but we know that this is not always possible, so also can have hand our product quita-hielo to remove the freeze.
  2. But when it has not avoided or has not worked and the glass of the car has become an ice rink, there is another option, rather than remove the frost from the windshield before undertaking the journey by car.
  3. One of the most practical methods to remove the ice from the windshield is to use a scraper for ice, already manufactured for this purpose. Its main advantage is that it offers a surface scraping sufficiently large to remove ice quickly.
  4. If the ice we caught before us with a scraper, also can improvised other elements to perform this task, as they can be a plastic card (identity card, driving licence, supermarket...), but we run the risk of breaking. In addition, it will take an eternity to remove all ice from the windscreen.
  5. Another good option to remove the ice that covers the glass of our car is to use alcohol, since it freezes at temperatures lower than the water (which at 0 ° C is already solidified). We do not recommend lowering it directly into the wiper tank, since it could damage the ducts, but use it directly on the glass once frozen.
  6. What must be also very into account is not using hot water to remove the ice from the windshield of the car. Although many people believe that it is the most effective method, not so, since due to the contrast of temperatures it may crack or even break the glass.
  7. When the temperatures are very low, it is also important to know comoencender the car and taking into account the advice and recommendations on how to drive with snow to avoid scares or accidents.
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