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ILERSPRAY, S.L. was founded in the year 2014 based on our experience in the chemical sector and a natural need of the market. Connoisseurs of the spray and the car specifically, ship market an activity centreda in manufacturing processes, handling and packaging of chemical products for the automobile, home and industry and our third-party packaging service.

We have the APP line up4you, for the families of own product (household, industry and automotive) and offer a comprehensive service and custom manufacturing and packaging to third parties, featuring formulas tailored to the needs of the client, or working through their indications.

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Propellant - mixture of propane-butane 3.2 bar. For other types of popelentes consult. Packaging - ILERSPRAY, SL is capable of filling both leading global provider tinplate cans and aluminum cans. All cans des 45 to 65 mm in diameter, if they conform to the standards of ugly already are lithographed or tagged. The label of the finished product service is available.

Production lines - ILERSPRAY, SL has three lines of packaging of aerosol, liquid packaging line, and a line of air fresheners in gel packaging.

Mixing area - ILERSPRAY, SL has 18,000 L 2 tanks and a tank of 35. 000L, for the manufacture of anti-freeze or washer. In the area of mixture for aerosols, it has 3 mixers of 1000 L and 250 L. All of them have numerical drivers to avoid errors.



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